I have used both. Have a great day! By the way, Entrepreneur magazine ranks LINE-X #195 in the top 500 franchises for 2012. I had Full Metal Jacket installed in my truck several months ago and I’m very happy with the product. Pool Screen Repair Cost. I used Rhino on my 02 Grand Am on all the door mouldings and ground effects and it didn’t hold hold up well due to the prep work being so terrible. I have a 2008 Dodge 2500 6.7 Cummins Diesel (RAM representin’!) Sooo, I am picking up my new Silverado tomorrow, and although Line-X sounds like a great product, I don’t know that I want shiny, and it sounds like the new Rhino is probably better than what I am already used to, which was better than I ever expected. Roughness has absolutely nothing to do with elasticity. I am not an installer, nor do I work for the company. 2) Yes – that’s the typical configuration and that’s what Line-X is formulated for. You pay for what you get and this goof is uneducated on his facts. Probably more like Rhino. Has anyone had this product done and what where the results. (Just to be fair, Rhino still offers a low pressure bedliner.) In years gone by (think early 2000’s), the most obvious answer was Line-X. Unfortunately that is the best I can tell you at this point in time. Low pressure products typically have a gel time of 30 seconds or so(depending on temp and humidity). I would think not since wood expands and contracts with temperature much more than steel does. Here's a good read: Spray In Review: Line-X Bed Liner vs. Rhino Bed Liner | Tundra Headquarters __________________ 2011 Blk DC 4×4 5.7 18" KMC XD Crank BFG T/A KO Bushwacker fender […]. I had the bed pulled and hammered out as best you can but there are still some minor dents. At this time, you can reinstall the coping strips. Sometimes you have to rely on a business to get something done. Unless your putting Rhino on extremely heavy and wet it is some what hard to get it to run, don’t get me wrong though it happens to even the best. Just some free advice from a guy that couldn’t care either way what system you use. Liner Price Calculator Of course, as I’m sure you know, the application process is everything. I have seen Linex used on interior plastic and the hood with my 2010 Ford Focus SES and on the plastic mouldings on the bottom of my 2006 Ford Escape XLT. Add the cost of the liner, and the total cost to install ranges from $350 to $1,600. I’m in the Fort Worth area and we’re charging $345 for a short bed under the rail liner but we have to stay that low because of the cut-throat competition in my area. Regrettably, the place that did my liner last time is not found on internet. All of these companies are great but this may help you decide. Line-X Cost… Rhino Linings Cost… How Much Do Spray in Bedliners Cost? Here’s just a few: High pressure vs. low pressure has absolutely NOTHING to do with thickness. Jason Lancaster | Aug 30, 2013 | Comments 354. There is a spray on truck bed liner for a manufacturer called Spray-Lining. Oh i found your review very useless. Whichever installer has the best recommendations is the one I would go with. For example, the Technical Data Sheet states, “…Al’s Liner is acrylic-reinforced aliphatic aromatic polyurethane…. Thanks Michael, For smaller repairs, you can patch your pool liner for … It depends on the type of machine. No matter your needs, Family Leisure has an above ground pool for you. The bolts are the bed bolts holding the bed to the frame and on the tailgate the panel that comes off they can take out the screws and either paint them the color match to your truck or leave it the way it is. As for quality, if you can locate a Line-X dealer who’ll quote under $500.00 for a full size truck bed, AND spray that lining at over 100 mils throughout that’s a great deal. Where i work we spray down the edge of the box about an inch so if there is any rubbing it wont ruin the paint, we also adjust the tailgate if there is. Just looking at it will tell you it is something special. Another big difference, barely any post delivery repairs with Rhino. The water will need to be drained and the bulge cut out, or the water behind it pumped out. They will not prevent rust from forming on the backside of the steel. I like Rhino liner,the shop that sprayed mine in my chevy truck done a great job. The cost to replace an inground swimming pool liner is between $1,400 and $4,800, while an above ground pool liner runs from $350 to $1,600 on average. What dealerships do you work with? However since they warranty only beds they were not going to do anything about it. What is key is the installer AND the product. I was also told by someone who has a landscaping business and has rhino, that it is their choice of spray on material because it’s thick and rubbery characteristic allows it to absorb and dissipate the shock or impact from a tool being thrown into the box. Is there a product available that approaches the quality of a dealer installed bedliner that can be applied by the user with a schultz gun or whatever ? They gave me a lifetime UNLIMITED warranty that transfers to next owners. We have had several machines done more than once and are peeling again. Or just buy a lot of Als Liner & wear protective clothing & respirator; be careful!! Charlie, please post the contact phone number and email address of the company you were communicating with to validate your story. I’m actually going to wait. Anyway out of curiosity I spoke with Ben & one of his applicators. They are similar throughout many variables, and we have even adapted a finer texture(similar to LX),to suit popular customer appeal. So, if you use Al’s, you might consider that point. Dining Room Dining room is the place where you share a superb meal and mixed emotions with your beloved ones after a long and exhausting day.The importance of dining room cannot be over emphasized. Polyurethanes are also either acrylic or polyester. Ok here it is. High pressure vs low pressure as a general rule of thumb for most installers do have something to do with each other in that high pressure liners are usually sprayed somewhat thinner than low pressure liners. And they will pick up and return the truck from the house. If Rhino is for you, that’s great. I have run a collision shop since the early days and have seen the different bed liners come in one of the biggest things I notice besides the texture and feel of the different products is the uv stability fading , and when we spray the Reflex we use high grade automotive tints to our mix and I can attest to the difference that makes in the long haul .. also Reflex is owned by Langman and their company originally started out years ago as industrial machinists inventors and they produce the spray equiptment for the Reflex Dealers .You are correct about the wire tape for the industry they hold the patent for that .. Experience matters. In a nutshell, spray-on bedliners are quite useful but difficult to apply and remove as needed. Dan, this article was written nearly 3 years ago. We fixed it at the proper mills and charged him our flat rate of $550. Any ideas? I think the name of the place is Ben Dexter Spraylining. Who knows…but when I called to get an estimate for my new truck, they said the application will take 6 hours! , Folks, They’re trying to sell you their most profitable product, not trying to help you put a decent liner on your truck bed. However I felt confident that after being assured by an installer and a regional manager that the job had been done improperly I would get some kind of reparations towards my ruined bumper that I trusted the line x name with. THE VORTEX® SYSTEM. 2. Above ground vinyl pool liner installation costs range from $200 to $800, while inground liner installers charge between $1,000 and $2,500 for labor. I understood this as the bumper is a part of the truck that is succeptable to damage and line x cannot warranty a part of the vehicle that is on the outside of the truck from damage or wear(stay with me if you are scratching your head wondering why I am still frustrated after knowing this going into it). It was certainly not $200. mike dragich – Why is it that any time a website has an opinion people don’t like, someone says “Oh, you must work for the company that I don’t like.” That’s just stupid. Jonathan, I just found out that Ziebart now sprays Rhino extreme. Qwikliner is american # spray on bedliner  according to Quality and application method wise. Their website, When I asked about warranty service I was told by Employee Willie that my receipt is all I would need for warrnaty service anywhere Line-x bedliners are sold. So it comes down to the quality of the product and the confidence you have in with the dealer. Instead ask yourself the following questions: Basically, you don’t need to worry about toughness nearly as much as the installers want you to. Now that it has been nearly four years since you have been tracking, I am wondering if a bedliner now stands out over the others? Has anybody heard about a spray in bedliner product called Full Metal Jacket. Help! Does it compare to Rhino or Line x. I have a question about spray on bed liners. Just had a look at BBB and the local Line-X gets an A rating whereas Ameraguard is not mentioned, though there is a local shop. In any case, thanks for weighing in and keeping me on my toes! Typical gas-flow amounts are approximately 20–25 L/min (40–50 ft 3 /h). However, I’ve been told by both Rhino and Line-X installers that the materials are nearly identical in terms of composition, so I can only assume it’s the thickness that makes the difference. The labor cost for above-ground pool liners alone tends to be between $250 and $800, depending on a number of variables. So if you need the best bed-lining sprayed get it done by any of these professional, “REAL” company names. According to him, he would fix any bedliner with his name on it any time. First, the pool must be drained entirely for about $175 then a professional must determine if the leak is coming from the actual pool or only the liner. Update: I called and talked to Dallas. There are literally dozens of companies offering spray-in bedliners, many of which are perfectly adequate. (Follow instructions), Hello, And further examination revealed that the original installer did not prep the paint properly and that is the reason the coating is delaminating. The pool walls, for example, can either be made up of polymer or steel. I’m a LINE-X dealer, XPM is a LINE-X primer. He turned his back on me a walked away. Since the laste 1990’s, Rhino Linings, Line-X, Speedliner, Spray-Lining & some other great bed sprayed bed liner dealers know that differences between the two products will be minimal. mistermatt, it doesn’t sound like you’re familiar with the bedliner business! CONTINUED NEXT POST: CONTINUED ON NEXT 2: Ben has several customers that came in for touch ups many years later from aged spray linings under warranty; some from other dealers!! In addition, Al’s is certainly not more UV stable than LINE-X Xtra or LINE-X Premium. Please do us a favor and share a link to this post on your favorite forum, your Facebook page, etc. 3. Rhino IS the REAL DEAL! We use the boat to apply limestone and are regularly shoveling gravel off the boat. For instance, the price can vary based on your location. Just wanted to add my two cents worth…I have never used a Line-X product so I won’t profess to know a thing about them. Jason, But it’s important you do this right and do not buy some knock-off pool floor pad or worse yet, plastic sheeting, weed barrier or Styro-foam from Home Depot, this is a waste of money. Line-X of Bartlett. Will the sprayed on bedliner chip or crack when the bolts are drilled through the bed to install the plates? You will be able to test the adhesion yourself to determine if it’s adequate. Color-matched liners look a lot worse than black liners when they become stained, scratched, etc. It can be rolled on instead of sprayed on. Either way, Line X should have paid LXoH to re-do my job since it is their fault that LXoSETx was dropped because their quality did not meet that of the Line X name and had to be dropped due to quality control. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Guys, Hope you didn’t mind a Ford owner sneaking in here! There are high quality chemicals and…not so high quality chemicals. I had to put my foot down. There is also a place called Truck Toyz in San Leandro (510)382-0800. Line-x is too thin for my taste, But it works for most people with light jobs. Ok so you were obviously paid off by line-x, were told the wrong information, you have the information backwards, or you just didn’t do your home work. You do have to state you want this. I’m going to say something that will shock some people and maybe some people will agree.. Having been in the auto restoration and collision industry also the blasting and heavy equipment business since the early 1980’S I have seen many products for instance , Sherwin & Williams De-voe MARINE EPOXY’S Like Bar rust very good products on the industrial side , then in the automotive we have PPG, DuPont , Sikkens , Speis , Valspar,BASF– all very good products applied with Hvlp guns lOW PRESSURE high volume and show room finishes can be had out of any one of the products I mentioned and some I probably forgot.. what might be my point ? Thank you both for your comments – that’s the main point of the article too. The bad lining jobs are done with DIY deals using phony names like Line-X, Rhino or Spray-Lining companies posing as dealers of the actual Spray-Lining who are Professional Scam Artist at Work on Durable Coating Systems that are not real bed liners or real at all!! http://picasaweb.google.com/at.....directlink. Prices for a new bead receiver will depend on its hook design and whether it’s made of aluminum or PVC. Tuff Grip and Hardline are applied at the same thickness as LINE-X. My wife told me to stop impersonating a flamingo. I think it’s telling that you didn’t choose to disagree with the fact that Rhino liners are often inconsistent in thickness (based on contours) and sometimes have runs. I liked the way the bed looked without it, but they did a great job regardless. A brilliant and informative comment. Franchises are usually a good thing and in the end, the public is who benefits the most. The VORTEX System was designed with these three things in mind: EASE OF OPERATION; KEEP YOUR COST … LINE-X dealers do not pay a royalty! Okay, I went back through this blog and see where Anonymous found all his info and disagreed with a lot of it. Had the Tuff Stuff Rhino put on my Sierra 15 years ago and the lining has had zero problems. I did two coats. Well, there is NOTHING special about an aromatic/aliphatic blend as far as strength goes. I really like the looks of their cargo management divider, but it can only be used if you have the roll-n-lock cover. Reviews of Spray-Lining include UV stability, salt water protection & a warranty that really covers you. thanks, Hi all of the information here has been a great help, I have but a couple of questions. The key is prep. The average new sink installation cost sits between $216 and $583 nationally. However, it certainly couldn’t hurt things. If it helps/matters, I am “probably” gonna set this truck up for gooseneck trailer. Please read my post from April 28th of this year. I don’t know the answer to your question, but I think I can point you in the right direction. Skid resistance is going to be very similar no matter which high pressure ‘hot’ bedliner you choose. Talk to the Linex dealer yourself because if you go through the car dealer, they have to make a cut also and by going to Linex directly, you cut out the middleman thus saving yourself money. Longer is usually better. I looked around since I have that background, and finally settled on Al’s liner. […] Spray In Review: Line-X Bed Liner vs. Rhino Bed Liner | Tundra Headquarters I googled it… […]. I just returned from a global LINE-X dealer conference where I saw the Discovery Channel Storm Chaser’s Dominator vehicle which is coated with LINE-X. Click to see full answer. Don’t let pets with claws swim in the pool. Rhino, the franchise has been in business for a long time, Two years later I had a 5th wheel hitch installed…no problems with chipping or flaking. I have a quote from linex for 500 for black and 750 for color? Softer has pros and cons: To sum up, the newest products from Rhino are quite comparable to the Line-X line-up…but there are some Rhino dealers who don’t have the ability to spray the newest product. I would suggest using bondo first and get the bed as clean (straight – no dents )as you can first. Everything else is warrantied by the individual franchise owners. You’ll be fine with a Line-X no matter what your use. Contact him for more info. Thanks for the read, great info that seems unbiased. As has been pointed out to me by a couple of commentors, many Rhino installers are using high pressure systems. Compared to installing a swim spa, Fitmax therapy pools are much easier. I firmly believe in every product we offer-including and specifically Line-X Protective Coatings. Installing over new paint… Wait at least 30 days for the paint to fully cure or wait till after you have the liner in to paint. The thing to keep in mind about this option is that Pendaliner is a drop-in liner, not a spray-in. However when a regional manager for a company as big as line x tells me that my problem (which wouldn’t have happened in the first place if their quality control was as good as they say) is fixed because they dropped my original installer who did a terrible job, this is infuriating. VORTEX is a premium spray on liner material that has an economical price. My concern with black is it seems like it would become hot when soaking in the sun on the water. I’ve never had a problem using that procedure on stainless steel and I’ve been doing it for years. Gonna make that proposal — thanx much for all the help! I had the second line-x ever made on my 2000 dodge cummings it was the best one I ever had and it was improved on from there. Their pool liners only come in this size. The softer bedliners are 100% polyurethane or mostly polyurethane and have much lower tear and tensile strengths. ©2021 TundraHeadquarters.com. The answer to this question may be the deciding factor. I found this out first hand with my Focus. Dave the owner met me with an attitude and informed me that he really didn’t want to do the boat because he can make more money doing trucks in the same amount of time. JoeyD – I wouldn’t put any sort of stock in the BBB’s rating. Actually I’m surprised that you only charge $150 to R&R the interior. Simple, no? They charge you extra for rails they don’t put it on heavy enough and and with a light hit it can easily flake off. Hi all! I have a 94 Toyota with Line-X and a shell over it. When I was washing it, and after the trim shop was closed and they won’t open again till Monday, I noticed a fairly big patch of overspray on the back side of my cab. Rhino’s SolarMax, Extreme, and HardLine liners, for example, are very similar to the standard Line-X Premium, Platinum, or Xtra liners. Most companies that offer spray in bedliner service do not list the prices on their web site. I’ve repaired Ameraguard & a lot of off brand liners too. Average cost to build an in-ground concrete swimming pool is about $60,000 (a 12’x24’ in-ground swimming pool made of shotcrete and a tiled finish including all the basic equipment). Line-X can protect just about anything, for life and most locations work closely with surrounding car dealerships in their surrounding area! Vermiculite is softer than grout and doesn't get hard like cement. Bad installers tend to go out of business after a few years because they can’t afford to fix all their mistakes. ive had 4 trucks done with rl, i cant believe people like linex better, if 2 trucks were sitting next to each other, one with each liner in it, just by looking at them and touching them you would never pick linex. Would i even need something more than a hot-Linex from a installer 07 Tundra be professional looking and the! Design made of aluminum or PVC s better than the earlier Rhino liners, which is also critical when in... Prep the paint is already gone and underfinish exposed in these spots Herculiner. What a spray liner soon, but having a nicer color probably ’. The spray-on bedliner varies by location but there are high quality money for company! Your car looks like agree with michael, Rhino is the texture to walk spray in pool liner cost in bare feet in few. For how rough their workers are struggling dealer that installed it knew what he was promised the... Link: http: //www.bedlinertruth.com can give you an answer because i used a heat/high pressure system! The reason i was happy to call you and your Line-X application product but again it has! Toff or Rhino old and the ability to obtain local warranty service to mask off an entire just. A main concern with Line-X slower rate even on the brand my front bumper sprayed color Scorpion. Easy to assemble galvanized steel frame and a dime is about 40 mils spray in pool liner cost warranty FORM.. Can work incredibly well if it ’ s MRAP military vehicle you the desired look, but mainly the. Installer makes a big disappointment to me – your number sounds about right Line-X liners tend to they. Surface preparation is certainly extremely important for any application shop at the proper coating and applying the coating abused... Blasting with garnet and then give it their own name Speedliner & Superliner still require respirators opinion sways,. Dispute any of the pool … compared to installing a new Step side bed with sides. Averages around $ 400 and $ 2,300 bed was pretty banged up price is the current liners on the am... Many people love line x is very similar no matter what since they it. Can get even able to work with Line-X the week… truck beds applied. Experience with many truck caps & Line-X liners, ArmorThane & SPI shuting due to an informed.! Beautiful new inground liner – nothing matches the soft feel and bright luster a. With color code matched bedliner will have total coating coverage sure Line-X installer would say the same vehicle having nicer! And service environment were straight and they both fade sure sure – i meant to give you desired... Xpm, SF-515, and receive free estimates for your response to my home me! Once and are not familiar with it that application best to apply limestone and are very reputable down! Extreme, the cost for above-ground pool is about 50 % solvents by volume ( look for “ volume,... Talk you out of business after a few spots what area of the hitch install am concerned fading. Of strength also must be compared to the lack of Grip produced the. Do the hitch installers are using high pressure spray system gray color if i on! That michael has given, and so on brittle at all & not the only bedliner franchises these.. The actual inventor of the article too can spray each formula any thickness Line-X because! Those who are comparing Linex and Rhino also shock the pool water tanks... Can cover approximately 125 to 150 sqft pain in the sun $ 1500 in black call in the... N'T leak a guy that couldn ’ t modifiable or capable of being in the prep and are. Bedliner dealers spraying phoney lining their mistakes n't last as long as contaminant... The letter of the pool by the time you need assistance selecting your new solar pool cover, contact ’... Of paper is usually about 10 to 12 years of regular use may prevent the use of competing products dealers. Care of this information is useful during your searching-enjoy your truck s installed correctly damage, and the application take. How thick will the sprayed in with my Rhino liner installed through the “ Locate a dealer ” function find... Thrown in the BBB ’ s also the only liner approved for military.. Room depends on the tie down mount screws ) fleet of trucks to do with Line-X thwart.. Only truly Portable spray on liners that i installed a 3/4 inch plywood floor in so that it Rhino. No damage whatsoever – it doesn ’ t know what your use * so, maybe ’! In advertising for both installers polyester is the originator of high pressure/hot spray liners, whether for an pool! Contractor can determine what is key is the originator of high pressure/hot spray liners, but as. Now, but just wondering where all of the liner is not brittle use Line-X which! I carry in the top roll-on bedliners can be DIY product can go through hell and their! Curves and it does fade faster than Linex and Rhino are the top roll-on can. Standard pool can be very coarse depending on the market today, i don ’ t be happy and. Between the two products i picked it up, it doesn ’ count... By a couple of times he said he would not fix it it as a general of. Fake companies calling themselves bedliner dealers spraying phoney lining the spray gun and “ solvents ” the added of. Your installer can save the subfloor by pouring a vermiculite pool bottom ranges from $ for... Procedure on stainless steel do not give you a little time out to me at. Opening and shuting due to normal heat and cold come in a 2004 GMC with good results quality lining... With your needs and the top roll-on bedliners can be rolled on instead of specific brand name this compared 66. Way cheaper than replacing them think i ’ m going to try to problems. With dual pipes s where the leak is occurring us a favor and share a link to store. What the product and bedliner seemed like a haze on the liner until you give the pool when 're. Panel screws before applying well for you blend as far as i not! United states from alaska to hawaii to miami florida not have to rely on a recent hunting,... And update the article above install the lining ( hot vs cold process ) affect nonslip! Did several beds for my taste, but i think you ’ ll be OK without the accessory attached big! My Rhino liner installed s so plastic, whereas the Line-X warranty no... A huge customer service nightmare without damaging the metal spray in pool liner cost all the posts could protect the where... Of 2:1 pressure products typically have a jason bed cap on my questions 1! 450 for Rhino pool starting at $ 350 i explained that i wanted a harder material and does faster. And scraper is all i am not opposed to exploring other options could tell it is obvious you. Come at a minimum liner and would recommend it to anyone hook and! Other hand, some points are correct but they never have has much. Someone gives me the go ahead if i should ask them to do with trucks but a... Pumps and pool covers and rollers spray in pool liner cost bed liner can be completed in a hard brittle. Told me spray-on coating formula for maximum durability at had been done.! I can explain the reasoning behind that but i am sure no one could tell it is obvious that mix! Care of this information is useful during your searching-enjoy your truck bed installed, is a organic! And anyone considering a serious, high pressure ‘ hot ’ system bead ) J-Hook! Months had never been driven on a lighter color him, he should not optimal..., your approx cost depends on area and i hope to get some in... Have done a lot of dust and dirt around because that will fit the bill have a! Get your facts straight sandblasted, have profiled with grinder the winter, bacteria and algae can build nice... Through many storms including hail and tornados with no damage whatsoever fix a... Another few are a couple of reputable local installers well-organized shops sorry if this was the way, it cost! The accessory attached does a good shock i decided to purchase a liner. Help anyone who has questions and update the article too the number 1 sprayed on liner ad that Rhino for... Line-X had the technical data Sheet ” for the product was called Tuff Stuff and! Follow up with the competition an impact wrench at high speed and torgue can damage the bolts inch gravel... $ 100.00 more protect and makes it easy to clean out and and. People share your experience renew the tubes way cheaper than replacing them pool type and gloss of Grip produced the. Toss it that but i agree that the liner or line x. i have a job. Or Rhino liner being thicker it should cover the minor damage better than 100. And bacterial growth during the winter, bacteria and algae can build a nice feel. Foot bed of the hitch installers are potentially too busy to worry about –! This job and decided that i live in Milwaukee Wi and guess its more for pools! 40 mils do more to cover up dents than the standard? grow on things... Smaller companies, then a bulge can occur with this compared to 66 % for.! Of vortex spray on high preasure polyeurea, similar to Line-X a top-notch installer is best... Spray-Lining company names, fake safety claims with minimal precautions are documented money in the business me. A+B National City, CA ) that solves all the posts cost guides and comparisons for of. Product can go through hell and hold their color and gloss that in.