muchas gracias!!!! Your footer credit will now be gone. Once you’ve activated the plugin, here’s what you should do to remove “Powered by WordPress” from your footer: From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Tools-> Remove Footer Credit. If you intend to keep the theme as your WooCommerce shop theme, you need to customize it.One of the most common problems of this theme is the persistent footer credit links that many users would wish to remove or replace. As you can see in this post there several ways you can remove the WooCommerce footer credit link. Make sure you’re logged in to the WordPress Admin dashboard. For Canvas: Canvas > Settings > Header & Footer > Footer For other themes: Theme Settings > Footer Customization . Recently we should deal with Storefront, the latest theme developed by the Woocommerce team, to create the demo for the Storefront Theme Mega Menu.One thing we noticed at the beginning was that there are was no options to easily change the default footer credit text.. With the Remove WooCommerce StoreFront Footer Credit Plugin you can remove "Storefront designed by WooThemes" just by activating the plugin and add your own footer credit by adding some text to a box. Whenever making changes to your website’s code, we recommend making a backup first so you can restore your site in case anything goes wrong. Typically, to remove the copyright from a theme, you need to play with PHP coding on WordPress. Tried a few things after googling but mine is under my footer how can I get rid of it and make the black footer be the bottom of my website I also came up with a plugin solution since most users reading this post need a quick solution to completely customize the Storefront footer. Thanks for stopping by. My website even broke due to a failed intervention from another website's advice on how to change code. The footer makes your site looks unprofessional. There’s not a tick box you can check to say “hide storefront theme footer credits” that prevents them from displaying… Hide built with Storefront & WooCommerce […] Removing the Header and Footer on WooCommerce Pages ... Hi there, I’m trying to remove the header and footer on individual product pages and thought maybe I could do this as I did the regular theme pages and used the code below in the Custom CSS but it did not work. Yes. I know this code will add some text before the version number, but it will not remove it: function change_footer_version() { echo 'Anything'; } add_filter( 'update_footer', 'change_footer_version', 9999 ); And the following code will do nothing: If you just want to get rid of the credit, this is probably overkill Click on Theme Footer (footer.php) file. Steps to Remove the WooThemes Credit Link from Blog Footer. Get Storefront Powerpack. Remove or edit elements from the WooCommerce Shop, archive, and product pages; Delete WooCommerce breadcrumbs from shop and product pages; Remove or edit shop page elements such as the coupons section on the cart page, or the text for the cart coupons drop-down; Add an AJAX product search bar and a product quick view pop-up on your shop pages This snippet is valid for the Storefront theme only. In this case you should add the remove footer in the child theme functions.php file. How to Redirect Users after Successful Login in WordPress without Using a Plugin, How to Check If Plugin is Active In WordPress [ 3 WAYS ], 23 Best WooCommerce Plugins for Checkout Page Customization, How to Edit Header in Storefront WooCommerce Theme, How to Skip Cart and Redirect to Checkout Page WooCommerce, How to Change the WooCommerce ‘Added to Cart’ Notice, How to Redirect to Cart after Login in WooCommerce, How to Remove or Disable Reviews In WooCommerce, How to Redirect User If Not Logged in WordPress » Page Redirect, How to Remove Proudly Powered by WordPress Footer Link, How to Move Description Under Image in WooCommerce, How to Remove Has Been Added to Your Cart Message WooCommerce, How to Add Default Content to Custom Post Type Editor, How to Remove WordPress Admin Menu Items Programmatically Without Plugin, How to Change Out Of Stock Text in WooCommerce, How to Get Logged In User Information in WordPress, WooCommerce Redirect after Checkout : How to Automatically Redirect to a Custom Page After Checkout, How to Get Current User Role in WordPress & Display Roles. © 2021 Njengah All rights reserved, * Display custom WooCommerce shop credit message, '